June 2, 2013

Permament Hair Removal Methods

hair removal singaporeThere was a time when excess hair was acceptable. In the prehistoric era, hair that covered the bodies of the early humans protected them from the cold and harsh elements in the environment. Fast forward to 17th Century Europe and hair in the ladies’ underarms was actually, sexy.

Not today. An excessive growth of hair is considered unhygienic and unattractive. Women and even men desire to have that clean smooth look on their legs, underarms, bikini line, and upper lip.  Unwanted hair will appear less than lady-like. Some men complain to us that they look very scruffy and unshaven by the end of the day, thanks to a very active beard.

With this cultural shift, the modern lady, and more and more men now, are looking for permanent ways to reduce unwanted hair growth. Which ones are safe and effective? Which ones can you trust?

Hair Removal Methods: From Self-Help To Doctor-Assisted

The cheapest of all hair removal methods is probably shaving. Using a razor, it cuts the hair from the roots, leaving a temporarily smooth feel of the skin on the legs, arms, underarms,  upper lip and bikini line.

The downside to shaving is that fine hair inevitably grows back thicker, making hair darker and more visible. Some women have also complained of irritation due to the shaving and the shaving cream used on delicate areas.

Tweezing is another method seen to be better at keeping hair regrowth to a minimum. However, it is thought to be very time-consuming because one needs to pluck out the hair strand one at a time.

Waxing is another option. It involves softening up strips of hair coated with wax, and then with a sudden motion, pulling out the wax strips with the hair clinging on, therefore removing it. Painful, to say the least.

The criticism to all these self-help methods is that hair will grow again – and when they do – they return with a vengeance.

A Permanent And Painless Hair Removal Method

A painless and more permanent procedure of hair removal uses laser or intense pulsed light technology. This focused light energy destroys the hair follicle and melanin within the hair gland. An optimum level of light energy is targeted at the hair follicles; the melanin is zapped away, while leaving surrounding skin unaffected. This will significantly reduce hair growth with repeated sessions. It will normally take 6 sessions for more than 90% clearance of unwanted hair (freia.sg/permanent-hair-removal).

It is best to visit a reputable clinic and medical doctor experienced in the use of such powerful machines when seeking IPL or laser treatment. This is to ensure success with your hair removal efforts, so that what you get is clear and clean skin without the sting. In less than competent hands, the IPL or laser can damage surrounding skin, leaving one with unwanted scars.