June 2, 2013

Getting Rid Of Unwanted Underarm, Leg and Body Hair

armpit hair removalLots of people have to deal with unwanted hair on several parts of the body including the armpit and leg and have struggled in vain with techniques of removing them for good. A number of considerations such as the area and density of hair growth, your skin sensitivity and your skin type can decide the hair removal technique most appropriate for you.

The most popular means of getting rid of unwanted hair is shaving. Even though shaving is effective and cheap, the problem is that it is only short-term and you have to keep on shaving on a routine basis in order to maintain hair-free skin.

For instance, men shave their beards every day. Shaving is also widely practised for the removal of chest hair and leg hair. The only downside is that shaving might lead to thickening of body hair, and injury to skin, leaving skin sore and even infected at times. Shaving can be very laborious and time-consuming, if one has to shave very often to keep skin hair-free.

Another option is waxing hair off the body. However, the procedure is messy and normally cannot be done without help from others. The advantage is that while waxing, the hair is extracted from the root, which gives a longer span of hair-free skin as the hair takes about a fortnight to start growing back. However, you must remember that waxing causes a lot of pain and hence, it is not suitable for sensitive areas.

Application of hair removal cream is yet another commonly used technique, and since its application is simple, you can do it on your own. It does not hurt, but the results don’t stay as long as those of waxing. There is another risk that your skin may react to the chemicals in the cream, resulting in a rash.

Lastly, IPL or laser hair removal treatment is fast becoming a popular option for ladies and men who want a permanent solution to hairy problems including armpit hair removal. Permanent freedom from hair is the most desirable advantage of IPL or laser treatment. Pain-less, fast and effective, that is the promise of modern day hair removal systems available in many clinics today.

However, in order to prevent skin damage and scars, the treatment must be done only by qualified experts, using quality machines. One’s skin type, location of treated area and hair quality are very important considerations when choosing energy settings for permanent hair removal. Only experienced personnel should be handling powerful laser systems on delicate skin.