June 2, 2013

Lose Fat Without Surgery

CoolSculpting: Safe And Effective Way To Lose Fat Without Surgery

Lose Fat Without Surgery: Is It Possible?

Can someone Lose Fat Without Surgery? The answer is yes. Through a proper lifestyle of sensible dieting and exercise, we find that it is quite easy to shed unwanted pounds. However, some fat in certain areas in the body are just plain stubborn. These unwanted fats are often found in the stomach and lower back area, as well as the arms and thighs. They are often worsened by pregnancy, advancing age, excessive alcohol intake, and even genetics.

Liposuction used to be the most popular fat loss procedure, but for some, surgery is strictly out of the question due to the associated risks and recovery times involved. With the advent of effective and safe non-invasive options, more people can now lose unwanted fat bulges without undergoing surgery.

Zeltiq CoolSculpting is an innovative fat loss procedure that’s non-invasive, and a safer alternative to liposuction. It was developed by Zeltiq and received FDA approval in 2010. Zeltiq Inc also successfully became a public listed company in the USA in 2011, promising to use the newly acquired funds for more research and development to refine this procedure. Coolsculpting is fast becoming the preferred fat loss and body sculpting procedure all over the world. But what exactly does it do?

How To Lose Fat Without Surgery.

Fat loss through CoolSculpting is possible because of the science of Cryolipolysis, or the utilization of low temperature to freeze fats, thereby harmlessly destroying and reducing fatty content in the treated area. The procedure uses patented cooling panels that are clamped to the areas to be treated. There is no worry about damaging other cells during the procedure. CoolSculpting specifically targets fat cells which are more sensitive to the cold compared to other cells. It does not involve incisions, medication or painkillers. During the procedure, you wouldn’t feel anything except a cold sensation and very slight tingling. You can even go back to work right away.

A Zeltiq CoolSculpting session lasts about one hour per area. The results will become gradually visible around four weeks up to six months when the crystallized fats begin to break down and naturally get flushed away. This procedure is a great choice for people who have troubling fat-prone body areas, but are not obese. Doctors still believe that while this procedure is great for enhancing the shape of the body, it is not a substitute for exercise and proper diet. Zeltiq CoolSculpting helps flush away fats and with a sensible lifestyle, the results are long lasting.