June 2, 2013

How A Hair Transplant Boosts Love, Life And Career

When babies are first born, they have beautiful hair, regardless of how thin or thick it is. But as they mature and face excessive hair loss, the stark difference between thick hair and thin hair impacts many aspects of their lives — getting a job may be difficult, finding a relationship may be challenging, and having a positive attitude in life may be hard to do, when all people see is a thinning hair line.

A Quick Hair History To Understand The Value Of Hair Transplant

Hair is adjustable and pliable, making it hard to break. In the history of the human race, hair has played important roles. The magistrates of European kingdoms wore hair as a symbol of nobility.

Famous men throughout history attempted to keep beautiful hair on their heads forever. King Louis XIV, the Sun King, who invented ballet and tennis, came up with the world’s first wig. He had a troubling concern over his thinning hair. This also haunted Julius Caesar, the most best-known Roman ever. The ingenius Caesar introduced a laurel crown to conceal his receding hairline.

Modern Men Have A Brand-New Take On Life With Hair Transplants

Thank goodness men and women do not have to conceal hair loss with a laurel leaf today. Hair surgery, which can be done by hair physicians can take away the nightmare of hair loss. The procedure involves harvesting healthy hair follicles from one area of the head where hair is abundant, and grafting it to the area where there is marked thinning. The transplant is sometimes augmented with oral medication that can stop hair loss and boost hair growth.

While hair loss is generally not a disease, it can indeed pose a serious problem in terms of low self-esteem among otherwise healthy men and women. A thinning scalp makes one appear much older and frail. To successfully overcome this problem, consult with a trusted hair transplant physician as soon as possible and see if hair transplant is a viable option. It may take six months to a year after the transplant procedure to see results. But this waiting time is worth it. From being in despair, you might just find yourself a better job, a new relationship, or simply a new lease on life, with more zest and confidence.