June 2, 2013

Hair Transplantation For Male Pattern Baldness

Hair transplantation: Hair Loss Treatment Plus!

fue-hair-transplant-surgery-singaporePeople lose hair all the time. It should not be a big deal, but it is, and it is all due to the society’s accepted concept of what is beautiful and what is not. Part of this accepted concept is the image of healthy, flowing locks, or shining curls treated with exquisite care. But then there is hair loss and that image suffers somewhat. The progressive thinning of the highly-prized locks and curls is almost inevitable and afflicts the majority of both men and women.

Thankfully, treatments for hair loss abound, and hair transplantation is one of them. However, one could consider it as the final option that is only done when other hair loss treatments fail to deliver. When taking different kinds of medication or application of topical solutions like Minoxidil does not achieve the desired results, hair transplantation is the most likely alternative.

Transplanting hair could best be described as a form of surgery, where hair is transplanted from one area of the body to another. It can be seen as an act to equally distribute the hair throughout the body, borrowing from places where there is enough of it and putting it where hair is scarce. The procedure is often used to address pattern baldness among males, selecting hair follicles that are more resistant to hair loss and relocating them to bald areas.

Hair transplantation is also used for restoring hair on other areas of the body, not just the head. Chest hair, eyebrows, and at times even pubic hair are all restored with the help of transplanting hair.

The advantage of hair transplantation is that its more modern versions allow for a more natural look. The modernity of the technique allows for naturally occurring groups of hair to be harvested together, hence the improved appearance. The technique is known as Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT). And then there is the additional satisfaction of knowing that it is real hair, and not artificial like wigs, toupees, and other similar hair replacements.

People have hair problems all the time. It is often a big deal to us, especially when solutions do not seem to work. In such instances, it is comforting to know that hair transplantation is available.

Dr. Harold Ma is a member of ISHRS

Dr. Harold Ma is a member of the prestigious ISHRS, a world authority on hair restoration.