June 2, 2013

Hair Loss Treatments

Hair Loss Treatments – Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT)

While certainly not life threatening, baldness is definitely ego damaging. Studies reveal that hair loss can bring negative psychological impact on a person because of the social stigma that this condition carries. Fortunately, current hair loss treatments are further refined to deliver natural and undetectable restoration of hair.

Contemporary Hair Loss Treatments

The newest addition in the list of advanced hair transplant methods is the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). FUE, like Follicular Unit Grafting (FUG), aims to mimic the natural growth of hair both in terms of numbers and pattern. These two methods have also made the more surgically invasive procedures obsolete, such as scalp flaps and tissue expansion surgery.

Hair Loss Treatments By Means Of FUE And FUG

FUE and FUG, however, employ a different method in harvesting and transplanting donor grafts into the patient. In FUE method, tiny punches (0.8mm) are used to obtain individual grafts by creating small circular incisions. This requires one full-day procedure since every follicular unit is harvested and transplanted one at a time.

FUE is becoming one of the popular hair loss treatments used today because of its less invasive nature. Minimal surgical procedures leave no unwanted scars after the operation. The small, reddish scars that donors acquire during the incision turn into undetectable dots on the scalp once the scars heal. Male patients and donors therefore can still wear their hair closely cropped several weeks after the operation.

FUG, on the other hand, involves microscopic dissection of the donor strip to remove the surrounding non-hair bearing skin. Then, the selected tiny grafts are transplanted into the scalp. This process can be done within only 6-8 hours (provided that the surgeon has 4-10 assistants) since the strip method requires harvesting the donor’s graft as a group, not one follicular unit at a time.

Comparing FUE And FUG As Hair Loss Treatments

Indeed, FUG and FUE share the same objectives; that is, to maximize the benefits of current hair loss treatments by using naturally occurring, individual follicular units. Their only difference lies in the methods used: FUE employs direct incision, while FUG requires strip harvesting and microscopic dissection.