June 2, 2013

Hair Restoration For Everyone

Hair Restoration For Everyone

Hair loss is often viewed as a major problem by most people. This is quite understandable, especially today that we are particularly conscious about our beauty and physical looks. Because hair is considered a prominent component of beauty, no one certainly would welcome the idea of suffering from hair loss with open arms. Fortunately for everyone, there is a variety of hair loss restoration solutions available today.

Human hair is subjected to a cycle that involves the following: growing (the initial stage), resting (which occurs between the growth and final stages), and falling out or losing (the final phase).

Losing a considerable amount of hair each day is quite normal, as up to 100 hair strands fall from the human head on a daily basis. As hair falls off, it is replaced by new ones, usually from the very same source or follicle, located right beneath the scalp. The trouble begins when hair falls off and does not grow back, necessitating hair loss treatment.

The causes of hair loss, especially of pattern baldness, differ. A person’s genetic make-up has been thought to affect it more than any other factor. There have been studies that point to age as the most overwhelming cause of hair loss, specifically for men. About one fourth of all males experience early symptoms of hair loss upon reaching the age of 20. The chances of inheriting hair loss are at a very high sixty percent. This makes hair loss restoration not only helpful, but truly necessary.

There are different types of hair loss treatment available today. Finasteride is one that is only prescribed for men with the condition. A popular topical solution recommended for both sexes is known as minoxidil. It is an over the counter treatment that works best when there are still some hair remaining on the affected area. And gaining popularity and prominence in the last few years is treatment through hair transplant.

Losing hair is a bleak situation for anyone, but the proper hair loss treatment is an effective remedy. The important thing is to consult a doctor to determine the treatment best suited for you.