June 2, 2013

Hair Loss Solutions With Transplantation

Eliminating The Disadvantages Of Large Graft Transplantations Through Follicular Unit Transplant

The quest for hair loss solutions started way, way back in fifth century Athens, when Hippocrates produced potions to treat his thinning hair and prescribed a mixture of natural materials, such as cumin, pigeon droppings, horseradish and beetroots in a desperate attempt to prevent hair loss. Since then many other cultures have tried to develop remedies for hair loss and none have succeeded, until recently.

Modern Hair Loss Solutions And Techniques

Techniques for treating hair loss nowadays rely on modern medical technology. The better the technology is, the greater the chance of acquiring natural looking hair after undergoing hair transplant. Currently, hair transplant physicians utilize microscopic dissection and blunt punches to decrease the size of the harvested hair grafts. The smaller the size of grafts, the more natural looking transplanted hairs become. Why is this so?

Hair Loss Solutions: Advantages Of Small Grafts Over Large Grafts

First off, smaller hair grafts are less noticeable. Transplanted hairs need to undergo a transition period before they grow, thus size really matters. Moreover, smaller grafts do not provide patients with pluggy hairline. This always happens with large grafts. As a result, patients are forced to comb their hair forward and down to hide their pluggy and unnatural looking hairline. Worst, large grafts that are transplanted after the hairline or on the crown look like patchy clumps. Trying to hide or camouflage those patchy clumps only helps in stating what is already obvious.

Hair Loss Solutions That Promote Small Grafts Transplantations

Follicular Unit Extraction and Follicular Unit Grafting (also called the strip method) are two modern surgical techniques that encourage transplanting of small hair grafts. FUE and FUG both promote the idea that only through the naturally occurring, individual follicular units can patients get full satisfaction from hair cosmetic surgery.