June 2, 2013

Face-Off On Ance Scars: Safe Ways To Face The Problem

Acne Scars

How can you face a problem when the problem is your face? Some witty comic posed this question which can best apply when dealing with acne scars.

Many young people go through adolescence having to face the fear of acne and acne scars. In worst cases, this skin condition also known as pimples, zits, breakouts, etc., results in low self esteem that many adolescents who were formerly outgoing would tend to shy away from social circles until the lesions heal. The lesions heal very slowly, and they leave deep marks on a previously impeccable facial skin.

Are Acne Scars Permanent?

Most teens ask, are the scars permanent? Or can these still be corrected, bringing back the face that everyone used to love?

To understand the process of removing these scars, it is first important to understand what causes acne. Hormones have been identified as a likely cause. Aside from this, overproduction of oil or sebum on the skin surface is also another reason. With a lot of oil on one’s facial skin it is easy for the bacteria to gather and cause an irritation.

Visiting a trusted dermatologist can help the sufferer of acne. First, the red pustules are cleaned and dried. Once done, scars have to be dealt with next. Dermatologist can employ different methods to scar removal depending on the kind of acne scar and on the  patient’s skin type.

Getting To Know The 4 Kinds Of Acne Scars And The Treatment Right For Each

There are 4 kinds of acne scars. Ice pick scars are so named because they are pit-like marks on the skin. Boxcar scars are commonly spread over on the temples and the cheeks, and they could resemble scars left after a case of varicella (that is, chickenpox). Keloidal and hypertrophic scars are easily identifiable because of their raised exteriors. Rolling scars create shallow hollows on the skin.

Treatment methods for acne-induced scars are being discovered each day. Inquire from your doctor about the advantages of some of the more well-known procedures of scar treatment, such as laser therapy, creams and injectables, dermabrasion, and other latest technological advancements.

Never ever self-medicate or rely on over-the-counter topical solutions. You might just end up wasting your time or delaying the remedy. Remember, help is on the way. With a dermatologist you can trust, you do not have to endure the psychological and emotional blows from acne scars.