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Acne Scar Treatments

Getting rid of scars left by pimples/acne can be one of the biggest goals if you’ve been impacted by this unflattering skin condition.

Acne marks can be treated in-clinic with a range of medically approved devices designed to produce smooth skin.

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Pigmentation Treatments

Although pigmentation problems may seem permanent, they aren’t. The good news is that you can get rid of unwanted pigments on your face.

Pigments can be remove through in-clinic treatments which disperse and erase pigments through a series of proper laser use.

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Fillers have the effect of plumping up and rejuvenating the areas to which it is applied. Today fillers are amongst the most requested medical item in Singapore’s aesthetic medicine practice.

Usually patients request for a higher nose bridge, plumped up cheeks and even a more defined chin via injections of

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Hair Transplant

The only medically proven method to increase thickness and density of your hairline is hair transplantation. This procedure utilizes your own hairs and not that of others.

There are two main kinds of hair transplant performed at Freia Medical. These are FUE and FUT.

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Tattoo Removal

The social stigma associated with tattoos have not been erased or dampened with the passage of time. Many individuals find that the tattoos they have, no longer represent their current beliefs.

With a course of laser treatments, you can easily remove these unwanted tattoos.

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Want to shed that last bit of belly fat which refuses to go away? When diet and exercise fail to make an impact on your waist, the next best thing is to zap it off with coolsculpting!

Medically proven to help individuals freeze and then discard fat cells, coolsculpting has assisted many men and women to safely reduce their waistlines.

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Hair Removal

Unwanted hair can be an annoyance especially if it’s in the wrong places on your body. When waxing and shaving won’t cut it, the next best course of action is permanent hair removal.

Removing unwanted hairs on your body with lasers has been proven to produce a significant impact on getting smooth skin.

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Latest News

CLICK HERE to listen in as Dr Harold Ma gives an interview on 93.8FM on the latest development in US FDA hair transplantation technology, ARTAS.


Apart from returning regularly for your clinic-based treatments, it is just as important to cleanse, protect, exfoliate, hydrate and moisturize skin on a daily basis. And, if you desire extra help to the eyes, our eye balm and AOX eye gel are very popular in battling fine lines, dark eye circles and general laxity of the eye skin. Freia Medical has a full range of skin care products you can use to give your skin a boost.